Home Estimation How to calculate volume of bricks, cement for partition wall?

How to calculate volume of bricks, cement for partition wall?

How to calculate volume of bricks, cement for partition wall?

In this article, you will learn the calculation process to find out the volume of bricks, cement, and the number of labor required for the partition wall.

While doing estimation for the partition wall, you need the measurement of the area of wall and its thickness.

Let the area of the partition wall is 100 m² and the thickness of the partition wall is 110mm. Cement mortar of ratio (1:4) is used to lay bricks.

Calculation: Volume of bricks, cement required for partition wall

Breath or thickness of partition wall = 110 mm

Total area on of partition wall to be constructed = 100 m²

Total Volume of Brick Work = (100 x 0.11) = 11m³

Cement, sand mortar ratio = 1:4 (i.e mix of 1 part of cement with 4 part of sand)

A) To find the number of bricks

Now, the standard size of a brick in India and Nepal = 230mm x 110mm x 55mm (May vary with the country to country)

Since, 10 mm mortar cover the brick while laying wall so,

nominal size of brick with mortar = 240mm x 120mm x 65mm = (0.24*0.12*0.065)m³

no. of brick required = 11 /(0.24*0.12*0.065)m³ = 6410.26 nearly = 6411 nos.

Always add 5% for wastage on Brick work

Total brick required for partion walls = 1.05 x 6411 = 6732

B) To find quantiry of cement, sand and water

Required volume of mortar = total volume – (no. x volume of brick)

={11 – 6411*(0.23*0.11*0.55)} = 2.08 m³

Add 30% for the dry volume of mortar = 1.3 x 2.08 = 2.70m³

Portion of Mortar = 1+4 = 5

∴ Required volume of cement = 2.7 / 5 = 0.54 m³

Note: 1m³ of cement = 28.8 bags of cement

so, required bag of cements = 0.54 x 28.8 bags = 15.55 bags

∴ Required volume of sand = (2.7/5) x 4 = 2.16 m³

Taking W/C ratio = 0.8,

Required volume of water = (0.8 x 2.7/5)m³ =0.432 m³ = 432 liter

Note: 1m³ volume of water = 1000 liters

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Calculation for Labour and their charges

In most case, the required numbers of labor for specific work is mentioned.

For 100 m² partition wall work, we take the following standard data:

  • Skilled Labour = 16 numbers
    • Skilled Labour Wages = Rs 750 each
  • Un-skilled Labours = 46 nos.
    • Un-Skilled Labour Wages = Rs.500 each


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