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Course Objectives:

The object of this course is to acquaint the students with the basic principles of programming and development of software systems. It encompasses the use of programming systems to achieve specified goals, identification of useful programming abstractions or paradigms, the development of formal models of programs, the formalization of programming language semantics, the specification of program, the verification of programs, etc. the thrust is to identify and clarify concepts that apply in many programming contexts:

A Complete C-Programming Notes


Bachelor Of Engineering

C Programming Notes For T.U. / P.U. / Po.U.

 Chapter 1 : Introduction to computer system 
 Chapter 2 :  Programming logic 
 Chapter 3 :  Variables and Data types 
 Chapter 4 :  Control Structures in C
 Chapter 5 : Array and String
 Chapter 6 : Function
 Chapter 7 : Pointers 
 Chapter 8 : Structure and Unions
 Chapter 9 : File and Handling

For C-Programming Syllabus

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Pokhara University Civil Engineering Syllabus (BE. Civil)

Download the Complete Syllabus Of Civil Engineering, Pokhara University.

We have the collection of the syllabus each semester wise.

B.E. | CIVIL | PoU
1BE Civil First SemesterDOWNLOAD pdf
2BE Civil Second Semester DOWNLOAD pdf
3BE Civil Third SemesterDOWNLOAD pdf
4BE Civil Fourth SemesterDOWNLOAD pdf
5BE Civil Fifth SemesterDOWNLOAD pdf
6BE Civil Sixth Semester DOWNLOAD pdf
7BE Civil Seventh SemesterDOWNLOAD pdf
8BE Civil Eighth Semester DOWNLOAD pdf

Subject and Course Code Of Civil Engineering Pokhara University

Year 1st   Semester I

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1MTH 112Engineering Mathematics I
2PHY 111Physics
3MEC 111Thermal Science
4MEC 120Engineering Drawing
5CMP 103Programming in C
6ELE 110Basic Electrical Engineering

Year 1st    Semester II

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1MTH 114Engineering Mathematics II
2CHM 111Chemistry
3CMP 115Object Oriented Programming in C++
4ENG 111Communication Technique
5MEC 110Mechanical Workshop
6MEC 130Applied Mechanics I

Year 2nd Semester III

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1MTH 212Engineering Mathematics III
2MEC 131Applied Mechanics II
3CVL 211Civil Engineering Materials
4WRE 210Fluid Mechanics
5GTE 10Engineering Geology
6STR 210Strength of Materials
7CVL 290Project I

Year 2nd Semester IV

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1MTH 317.3Numerical Method
2ELX 110Basic Electronics Engineering
3WRE 211Hydraulics
4CVL 221Surveying I
5MTH 220Probability and Statistics
6STR 212Structural Analysis I

Year 3rd    Semester V

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1CVL 321Surveying 2
2WRE350Engineering Hydrology
3ARC 350Building Technology
4STR 312Structural Analysis II
5GTE 320Soil Mechanics
6ENV 330Water Supply Engineering
7CVL 390Project II

Year 3rd   Semester VI

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1WRE 320Water Resources Engineering II / Irrigation
2GTE 321Foundation Engineering
3STR 320Design of Steel and Timber Structure
4ENV 331Sanitary Engineering
5CVL 322Survey Field Project

Year 4th  Semester VII

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1TRP 411Transportation Engineering I
2WRE 430Hydropower Engineering
3STR 440Design of RCC Structure
4CVL 431Estimating & Valuation
5ECO 411Engineering Economics
6Elective I (3 credits)

Year 4th  Semester VIII

S.NCourse CodeSubjects
1TRP 412Transportation Engineering II
2CVL 441Construction Project Management
3CVL 440Engineering Professional Practice
4CVL 490Project (5 credits)
5 Elective II (3 credits)

This is the complete syllabus of Pokhara University with the course code.

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