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Top 10 smartphone companies in the global market 2019

According to Strategic Analytics and Counterpoint reports, sales of smartphones from different smartphone companies in the global market continued to decline even in the second quarter of 2019.

Despite the decline of smartphone sales in the global market, Samsung and Huawei somehow managed to achieve growth in terms of smartphone sales and market share. According to Strategic Analytics, sales of smartphones in the global smartphone market declined by 9.4 percent this quarter while Samsung’s smartphone sales increased by 8.5 percent. Yes. Another company, Huawei’s smartphone sales, achieved a growth rate of 5.7 percent respectively.

Tech giant company, Apple said that it was facing a decline in smartphone sales in this quarter. Sales of Apple smartphones declined by 0.7% in the second quarter of 2019.

In terms of numbers, Samsung has managed to sell 76 million smartphones in the same quarter. Similarly, Huawei’s second-largest smartphone seller has sold 58 million smartphones. While Apple’s remain in third-place with 38 million iPhone sales in this quarter.

In terms of sales and market share, Xiaomi was ranked fourth with a 9.4 percent market share and Oppo was in the fifth position with an 8.5 percent market share. However, the growth rate of these two companies has seen an increase a little bit as compare to the previous year.

According to the counterpoint report, Smartphone companies share in the global market

  1. Samsung, which has the largest share of the global smartphone market, has a market share of 21.6 percent.
  2. Huawei’s market share in the second place with 15.8 percentage of total smartphone market.
  3. Apple comes in third place with a 10.1 percent market share.
  4. Xiaomi comes in fourth place with a market share of 9 percent.
  5. Oppo in fifth place with a market share of 8.1percent.
  6. Similarly, Vivo occupy the total market share of 7.5%
  7. Lenovo occupy the total market share of 2.6%
  8. LG occupy the total market share of 2.2%
  9. Nokia occupies the total market share of 1.3 %
  10. RealMe occupy the total market share of 1.3%

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Tips & Tricks

What to do if You drop your smartphone in water ? Do this

If you don’t have gadget there is no problem of falling in water. But I suspect who don’t love gadget. And in these present situation most people love to carry high end smartphones. They spend lot of money to buy that but the problem of having a gadget, especially smartphones there is the problem of water.

What if you drop your $1000 or below that price tag smartphone. Will you let go and buy another ? Absolutely, no.

So, first of all I suggest don’t be careless while you are working around swimming place or other place where you may drop of smartphone. I suggest you guys to have cover on your smartphone it protect your smartphone while falling in bare land or in water.

Even water resistance smartphones can not completely resist water they have their own limitations.

If your smartphone falls into water, these five measures you should take immediately

  1. Grad it and Switch off– Grab and take out the the smartphone as much as fast when it fall into water. After that immediately off your smartphone without doing any delay even if your phone is not dead after falling in water. There may arise a question in your mind why to switch off the smartphone after removing from the water if even it was not damaged by water.  Because, after switching off, the smartphone’s internal circuit will not get power supply from battery due to which current will not flow on internal circuit where water reached through falling in water. As current did not circulate due to which the main portion of the smartphone called  motherboard or processor get saved from short-circuit and being destroyed.
  2. Remove all removable things from smartphone – After getting off your smartphone remove  those things which are removable. Remove the sim card, memory card and the phone’s cover. If phone back cover is removable and battery is also removable then remove it too. If you have cotton cloth or vacuum cleaner use it because it suck and taken out water.
  3. Shake your smartphone well – After removing all removable things from the smartphone shake it well to get out water from inside the holes, charging port and sim slot port. Then, the smartphones should be dried up. You can use toilet paper, Napkin or cotton cloths because these can help to absorb water and make the surface of smartphone dry.
  4. Put you smartphone in rice blow o use silica

    Image Credit: Pixabay

    This is the most effective procedure. Are you serious ? Yes, I’m. Fill a blow with uncooked rice and put your smartphone on it. At least for 24 to 48 hours you should have keep the phone in the rice. And do not take out smartphone from rice in middle. If you have silica you can use it too. Take few pouch of silica and put it with wet smartphone in air tight plastic bag and let it dry for  minimum 24 hours.

  5. Brush inside the smartphone with petrol In visible parts with the help of brush use petrol to clean this help you to make rust free and the circuit free from water.  Then put the battery if you removed before and switch on the smartphone.

If the internal power supply is not damage seriously due to water, the smartphone will start working.

Even after doing this the smartphone does not work, I suggest you to visit directly to the official place to repair the smartphone. Although, mostly brands have not given warranty to the water damaged smartphone. But after determining the maintenance costs, its on you whether or not to repair the smartphone’s depending upon .

Tips & Tricks

Did your Smartphones battery drainage so fast ? Change these habits !!!

Smartphone phones have a lot of complaints, one of them is faster draining of battery. If you think this is only your problem, then be sure that this is not only your problem but of most smartphone users.

The drainage of battery rapidly on the smartphone can be due to different problem. This can happen when battery breaks or other technical issues come to the smartphone. And, in some cases, it may be due to some of the s smartphone user habit of use. Therefore, the smartphone user must control over these habits to increase the age of battery.

Here are best tips even which i used to save battery from drainage fast.

I suggest you to follow these tips not only to overcome from fast drainage problem but also to increase the battery life of your smartphone.
  1. Remove live wallpaper: Do you use any live wallpaper that is floating on the phone screen ? If so, remove it. Because such a moving wallpaper consumes lots of  smartphone battery. Instead of that use normal wallpaper of your choice.
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen: The brightness of smartphone’s screen consumes the most battery. The screen is too large and shiny and high resolution is the same as much battery consumption. If you have auto mode for the brightness on the phone, use it and if not, keep the brightness around 50 percent. It consumes less battery consumption. There is also another benefit, it also benefits the health of your eyes. At the time of special need, such as viewing a mobile in the sun can increase the brightness automatically in auto mode.
  3. Avoid unnecessary apps: Now there are countless and many small apps in Apps store and are free of charge for phones. Don’t download apps from third party or unauthorized sites. And also only downloads the useful apps in your smartphone. Third-Party and unverified apps should be installed on your smartphone.
  4. Stop camera and video usage sometime: cameraIf you have less than 20 % of battery left on your phone, stop the use of mobile cameras and videos for that time. This keeps your mobile live longer for a while.
  5. Do not use vibration mode: As compared to the ringtone’s voice, the energy consumed by vibration mode is very much. So do not keep the phone in vibration mode if you want your smartphone battery to be remain long. Usually use this tips when your battery is below 20% and you need to use it for a little bit time more.
  6. Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data: Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data at the time you need it on your smartphone. If you have these habits on to keep your WI-FI mobile data on while not in use, change your habits.And on only when you nedd Bluetooth, data or Wi-Fi.
  7. Turn Off GPS: Since, GPS system on smartphone consumes a lots of battery. Therefore, turn off the phone tracking system when not required.